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How did I get started with water marbling?

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

That is the number 1 question I get asked at every single silk scarf workshop!

So it's time to answer that question here. My name is Krista, I own and operate Colour Drop Design in the beautiful Okanagan. So about 7 years ago I was working local farmers markets selling my handmade crochet hats and selling other local vendors handmade goods. Wife and Mom to 2 kids I was always crocheting. And my kids were getting older and I realized I couldn't keep making items that took hours to create. Scrolling thru Facebook I came across a viral video about water marbling silk scarves by a company in California called Mayu Silk Art. I was mesmerized! The magic! They were offering in person workshops, but I couldn't go all the way to California for their program. So I marched off to the art supply store and bought some supplies and was gonna figure it out on my own. Well that was not successful. I was so frustrated.

About 3 months later I went back to Mayu's website and they had just released their new online program! So I booked it. I watched all the magic. Figured out a lot of what I was doing wrong. But it took me about 6 months of "playing" to get it right. Now I'm 5 years into teaching water marbling in the okanagan and I love it. For me it's the moment I see an item print and hear the maker excited about their design.

This image is from my first ever water marbling event at the Penticton Convention Center.

Where can you water marble?

I am located in West Kelowna, BC, Canada. I currently work with many amazing local venues that host us, and together we offer our SIP & DIP workshops. I also offer local private workshops where I come to you in our local area. Its such a fun and rewarding job and I LOVE IT!

Whats coming up next for me?

I am working on creating a ebook for water marbling. A basic guide to how to water marble but also what is the best way to begin. It will be available for purchase on my website soon.

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